7 Best CAT Mock Test Series 2024

This article will focus on the Best CAT Mock Test Series 2024. As we all know the CAT 2024 Exam is near, and all CAT Aspirants are almost ready with their preparation. So, it’s time to sit for Mocks.

Best CAT Mock Test Series 2024

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Let’s dive into the depths of Top CAT Mock Test Series.

List of 7 Best CAT Mock Test Series 2024

  1. Career Launcher
  2. Time
  3. Iquanta
  4. IMS
  5. CatKing
  6. Hit Bull’s Eye
  7. Top Rankers

1) Career Launcher

Career Launcher provides students a diverse segment of careers and education. It is led by a team of alumni from IITs, and IIMs, who have over 30+ years of experience in the same domain.

Career Launcher is on the Top and provides the Best CAT Mock Test Series 2024 as it offers 30+ Mock Exams, sectional topics, and overall tests to enhance the student’s performance.

Career Launcher (CL)

The reason for this to be Top, in the list of CAT Mock Test Series 2024 is that it provides

  • Valuable Performance Insights Using AI Technology: Students get full valuable insights about their performance, which helps them further improve themselves in the areas where they are weak or lagging, and this in turn help them in maximizing their CAT Scores.
  • Derivative CAT Experience: Career Launcher Test Series is in the exact same form of the actual Exam, which helps he students to gain confidence and increase their frequency.
  • Try and Try: It helps the students to work on their weakness by attempting the questions of different levels of difficulty, so that they can tackle actual CAT exam.
  • Video support for Mocks: Every Mocks the students give will be followed by a Video attempt by one of the mentor of Career Launcher, and will guide them on the strategies of the exams.
  • CAT Percentile predictor: Once the students have completed the threshold number of mocks, then the AI driven CAT percentile predictor will be activated which help them to analyse their performance for the actual CAT exam.

There are multiple Types of Series available you can choose based on your performance and preparation, for example.

Series Prices
CAT 2024 Test Series 4000 INR
CAT 2024 Test Series Comprehensive 6000 INR
MBA 2024 Test Series 6000 INR
MBA 2024 Test Series Comprehensive 8000 INR
MBA Test Series Comprehensive + Books & Materials 2024 14500 INR

2) Time

The next coaching center that provides the Best CAT Mock Test Series is TIME. It is consider as the leader in the training of the CAT Aspirants. The comprehensive and detailed Mock CAT series provided by TIME is called as AIMCAT Series.

This AIMCAT series offered by TIME is considered as very important as it provides the complete road map for preparation for the CAT Exam.


The AIMCAT series is liked by thousands of students from all over the country, as it is very reputed and very closest to the actual test. Every Financial year approximate 60000+ students appears for this exam, and most of them gets benefitted from the same.
There are multiple types of AIMCAT series offered by TIME, depends on the students preparation on what to choose.

Series Prices
AIMCAT Basic 4250 INR
AIMCAT Basic with Videos 5750 INR
AIMCAT Enhanced 7450 INR
AIMCAT Enhanced with Videos 9450 INR
AIMCAT Foundation 3450 INR
AIMCAT Foundation with Videos 4450 INR

3) Iquanta

iCAT is the best CAT Mock Test Series provided by the iQuanta. The reason being its liked by thousands of CAT aspirants is as it provides

  1. 35+ Full Mocks Test and 45+ sectional.
  2. The level of Mocks is same as the actual CAT exams
  3. Tracking of Errors by AI driven technologies
  4. Video Solutions of every mocks
  5. Complete Analysis of every mocks by AI

iQuanta is considered as India’s number 1 CAT online Coaching which has produced30000+ IIM’s in the spans of 7 years.


It also provides multiple Test Series courses that students should pick based on their preparation and confidence level.

  • iCAT Mocks Test Series which comprises of 35+ Full Mocks Test and 45+ sectional
  • CAT 2024 Full Course which comprises of full CAT 2024 journey
  • CAT 2024 Pro which comprises of Full Course + IIM ABC + Books
  • CAT 2024 Last Batch + IIM ABC Batch
  • CAT 2024 Last Batch Full Course + CAT Books
  • IIM ABC 2024 Practice Batch which comprises of (7500 CAT level questions + 2500 QA + 500 LRDI sets + 500 RC seats)
Series Prices
iCAT Mocks Test Series 4999 INR
CAT 2024 Full Course 25899 INR
CAT 2024 Pro 34899 INR
CAT 2024 Last Batch + IIM ABC Batch 29899 INR
CAT 2024 Last Batch Full Course + CAT Books 33899 INR
IIM ABC 2024 Practice Batch 7999 INR

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4) IMS

IMS was established in the year 1977, and from then it has mentored more than 1400000+ students across the country, has over 100+ centers spread across 60+ cities.
Every year, more than 75000+ students are trained by IMS.

IMS CAT Mock Test Series comes with the following features.

  • Adaptive Questions powered by AI
  • Detailed Video Solutions for Every Mocks
  • National Benchmarking after every mocks
  • Superior Analytics that is further used for identifying strengths and weaknesses


It has 3 variants for CAT Mock Test Series which students should select based on their preparation and learning.

  • SimCAT Comprehensive – It has 20+ recorded masterclasses, Adaptive Questions powered by AI, 3 Pre-SimCATs, and many more)
  • SimCAT Plus – Except recorded masterclasses, it comprises of everything
  • SimCAT – It has Adaptive Questions powered by AI, 3 Pre-SimCATs
Series Prices
SimCAT Comprehensive 10950 INR
SimCAT Plus 8450 INR
SimCAT 6450 INR

5) CatKing

CATKing is known for providing the Top CAT Mock Test Series as it comes with the following features.

  • Verification by Alumni: Every Mocks is tested by IIMA, C, L, FMS Alumni
  • Patterns of the Mocks: Every Mocks is prepared by the past 5 years CAT exams paper
  • Live Solution for Mocks
  • Strategy followed by the Toppers
  • Sectional Mocks
  • Topics wise Mocks
  • Actual CAT Exams Paper Mocks

It also provides ebooks like CATKing Bible which has over 130+ LOD 1 and LOD 2 Practice E-Books and Last Leap to CAT eBooks which has 800+ very important must do like Questions of the level of CAT.

It has 3 variants of CAT Mock Test Series.

  • CAT Intensive Mock
  • CAT Turbo Mock
  • CAT Advance Mock
Series Prices
CAT Intensive Mock 3499 INR
CAT Turbo Mock 2999 INR
CAT Advance Mock 1999 INR

6) Hit Bull’s Eye

Hit Bull’s Eye provides the best comprehensive coaching to the CAT Aspirants. It has trained over 100000+ students and has 2000+ academic articles over 1000+ in depth videos.

CAT Mock Test Series provided by Hit Bull’s Eye provides a detailed packages that covers the complete syllabus. Here is the feature that comes with the program.

  • More than 30+ Sectional Exams
  • Get the percentile by the National Percentile predictor
  • More than 105+ complete Exams
  • Get the free master classes and Counselling by experts
  • Get the access to comprehensive MBA preparation APP
  • Get the Complete Analysis of your mock test
  • Mock test are prepared by Expert Team

7) Top Rankers

The next on the list of Best CAT Mock Test Series is Top Rankers. Top Rankers was launched in the year 2016. It has became a most powerful platform that provides the preparation for the careers beyond medicine and engineering.

Top Rankers provides CAT All in One Series batch which basically has 70+ full length mock tests it also includes the questions from previous year exams.
Further they also provide the deep analysis of the mocks using a proper systematic approach that basically combines the qualitative and quantitative metrics for a deeper evaluation.

They also provides some free sectional mock test for Verbal ability and comprehension reading which are the 2 important section in the CAT Exams.


All the 7 institutions covered in this article are the ones who provides Top Mock CAT Test, and are liked by thousands of students from all over the world. Aspirants can choose anyone of them based on the features and learnings that they are in need.